The News – By the people and for the people, worldwide. Join us !


Greetings citizens across the globe. We represent you and we are you. We open Governments and expose the elite. We have no owners because you own it. We, together own this and we invite you to be a part of us. We broadcast news updates, the corporate controlled mainstream media would rather not. Contact us via Facebook or Twitter immediately. 

About Us

The Global News Network is an independent and investigative news organization run by people of The Anonymous Collective. Our goal here is to bring the people of the world important, modern daily news regarding topics from around the globe.

We are an anonymous, internet-based, international and multicultural team from literally all around the world and we are constantly growing. Most of us have full-time or part time jobs and are just contributing as much as we can as activists, journalists, authors, editors, admins and moderators…

We promise to bring you as much information regarding topics as is physically and virtually possible. To make sure we bring you as much truth in our articles as possible, we are constantly improving our news delivery system by making decisions, not only internally amongst ourselves but also with the help of the people… of every one of you!

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